Monday, October 20, 2008

McLaren Madness...

BASP # At McLaren Park in SF

This is the first CX race of the season for the Pilarcitos boys and in my backyard. This course is always hard and I thought they did a fine job of making it a bit better adding much more grass and an awesome quad barrier. Yes I like to run!

Going into this weekend I was concerned about my thumb as it was still a bit sore from the fall last weekend at Laguna. I taped it up and knew it would be really hard as this venue is probley the most bumpy of all and it was going to really hurt.

Honestly, I wasn't to fired up for this race. I was going to have a hard time with my hand not working well but I didn't want to not race--and miss out on the fitness aspect or the points I may get and need later, for the series overall, as little as it may be. (yes I do think about these things)

Tuesday last week I still had quite a bit of swelling with the thumb but it was getting better.

Super fun quad barriers......
I ended up not getting a very good spot on the line ...... 4th row or so, which sucked but the reality was I was already off the back so to speak with no warm up and a bum hand. I figured I would just ride my race and try to pick the pace up when I could and stay off the ground. In that aspect it was a success. I went backwards till about 1/2 distance then started to move up a bit and passed a few guys here and there. I felt very good "on the run" with the hill and the barriers. Another nice thing, is after doing the big hill 8-9 times, my legs aren't sore at all.
So in the end I wasn't last and limited the damage on the thumb by riding one handed over some of the rougher sections in the grass and where ever else I could. At one point I almost just stopped but I talked myself into finishing. This week I'll hope to recover and get out again this next weekend. We'll see.....

The new 2009 Team Scott CX bikes.


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