Sunday, March 16, 2008

Zamora RR

Course: 10 mile lap/ 5 laps
Category: Elite 3
Field: 100
Teammate: Brad
Place: 23rd

Much like the burrito... the race today completely blew apart. The wind was the deciding factor for this race. 30+ mph gusts shattered the 100 strong field in the first lap. I managed to stay in the lead group until the end of the 3rd lap. I made a bad tactical error by dropping back to help pull Brad back to the group after he wandered off the road. I felt OK and he wasn't to far back so what the heck? Big mistake. I worked too hard leading to the base of the KOM and popped off and had to chase back after the climb. I did get back and things were OK until after the long, super windy front straight. What was left of the lead group started to break apart and I was to far back and had to jump gaps in the wind. I was left to chase for the remaining 2 laps TT style, pulling a few guys around. I was just wanting to finish as it was my first road event of 08 and all the while I could see the lead pack just up ahead. I held out if I could maintain a good avg speed I might close on the group fighting to stay out of the wind and catch riders popping off the back. That is what ended up happening and I rode myself into 23rd place. Given the circumstances and the 50% attrition rate I'll take it.

Start of the 3rd lap, cold and windy!!


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