Monday, May 05, 2008

Cat's Hill Classic

E3/ Place: 28th/ 60+
20 Laps

Well this was the second time for me doing this race. I did it once before 2 years ago but as a E4 and we only did 12 laps. This time as a E3, we got to do 20 laps. I went into this race feeling prepared and confidant that the hill wouldn't cause me any worries. Josh and Tyron were in the race, as well as, Andy/ James/ Cullen/ Henrick were in the E4 race. Pretty good team presence.

I felt good for this race especially on the hill. I made a huge effort to stay near the front and was doing fine until around 3 to go when things got messy. I ended up getting out of position and with 1 lap to go I was in the group but couldn't really get out to GO. Legs good no real estate however. At this point I would have just drilled it to string things out and take whatever placing I ended up with. Sometimes I just want to kick guys out of the way. I've been a little to conservative in the last few crit races when it counts. This will change I just need a few more races under my belt. The biggest disappointment was I felt I had a good sprint in my legs and I wanted to see what I had. Oh well next time.....

Josh and I hanging in...

It was good to see some familiar faces from CX (Aron and Jordi among others) mixing it up. So this Sunday is Berkley Hill RR. Once again I did this race 2 years ago as a E4 and this time around... GULP I'll be in the M 1/2/3. 77 miles. I do what I can to finish with the lead group or at least just finish!

See you on the start line!

Oh ya... the hill. No problem--


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