Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is the future....

My sister had her second kid about a week ago, a boy. His name is Dylan Jay (sweet.. DJ) the pic is of my nice Tara. She is finally big enough to fit a bike so I didn't hesitate to promptly swoop over to visit the new nephew and bring what every kid wants... a shiny new bike all their own.

The look on her face was indeed PRICELESS. I hope it will bring Tara as much joy as the look on her face brought to me. Of course a new bike wouldn't be complete without a new helmet to boot! Pretty in pink, complete with bunnies.

**insert warm fuzzy feeling here**

Peace out......


Blogger meli said...

crazy adorable!!!
knee scars here we come...

Blogger velogirl said...

loving the stuffed animal in her basket. you're a good uncle, Nick.


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