Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, no racing this last weekend. My teammate Jeff tore a bicep muscle (!) last weekend snowboarding and has a cast for at least a month. We we're teamed up for the Pinole TTT, oh well.... He'll be back in no time and I'm just glad he's not hurt to bad.

I did manage to get out and ride hard this weekend in preperation for the "Ronde" coming up April 1st-2nd. It's an Ominium and I think I have a good chance at getting some points, especially on Sunday in the crit. we'll see. I feel like I have done some good training and my form seems the best it's ever been.... so I am looking forward to seeing "what I have under the hood".

Stay tuned for race reports.


Blogger isaiasjob said...

Torn any kinda of muscles sounds like no, no fun at all...ouch!

I was hoping to hit up the "Ronde", but this is the last available weekend to pre-ride the Sea Otter Course before the actual race next weekend. Holy Cripes, I can hardly believe the race is already here!

You racing dirt at the SOC this year? I was thinking of doing the road circuit race and road race, but now I've got to much going on that weekend and will only be doing the expert race on sunday.

You headed out to Cooperopolis this year? I'm hoping to make this race.



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