Monday, November 19, 2007

Back in the saddle....

OK time to move the horror down the list.

Sooo.... Good news. I managed to get out on Sunday and ride for 1.5 hrs/ 40km. I rode out to Mill Valley for coffee and ran into a bunch of people. Jordi and Aaron were visiting from the east bay to ride Railroad Grade (fun!) I had a nice coffee break with Cam, Brad, and various other DFL peeps. Very nice.

I was feeling good but decided to ride home and pass on anything longer.

It felt great to just be out riding. The knee seems to be healing up pretty good and the stitches come out Wed. Pilarcitos GGP might still not be possible but CCCX is looking better and better. I think I will be strong enough for GGP, I'm just not wanting to open it back up with a fall etc...

Yup.... You know it


Blogger aron said...

glad to see you out and about to soon. heal up quick.


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