Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monkey Business

Lake Sonoma/ Bike Monkey course.
I am feeling somewhat recovered from the epic double this last weekend. I went on a spirited small ring only, Paradise loop with Dan and I felt much better around the 2hr mark.
This weekend I'm going to do the Bike Monkey race on Sat. I did a few races back when it was Billy Cross quite a while ago. The course is up and down the whole way and the heat can be tough if the temps climb over 80, which it had done in the past.
The picture below is from the last time I raced there, maybe 2001?? I was on my Bianchi SS w/ #777-- It turned out to not be so lucky on that day as after being in the lead for a couple of laps, I flatted and was out. It was one of those great weekends tho, as Brandon and I had camped out overnight and before leaving to go back to the city, plunged in the lake to escape the 95+ degree temps that beat down on us all day. Miss ya B.... Good times.

Man do I look goofy, weekend warror kit and silly 26" wheels--lol.....


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