Saturday, November 24, 2007

GGP Flashback...... 2004

Tomorrow is the Pilarcitos race in GGP. I will have to be on the sidelines due to my knee injury. I am disappointed to be missing this race for lots of reasons but mostly because it really is in my backyard.

The race in Golden Gate Park was my first ever Cross race back in 2004. I showed up barley on time cuz I had been up late at a wedding party the night before (not to mention a bit hung over).

I borrowed my buddy Brandon's MTB and jumped in the C group. I started practically dead last and had no idea what was in store for me. I floored it and tore threw the 75 rider strong group while Channing gave me Redbull feeds! I had a such a great time and got hooked on Cyclocross from there on out (not to mention stoked to place 16th).

So I figured I would travel back to 2004 to think about all the things that motivate me for CX. I will get my 23 stitches out this coming Monday and although I feel strong enough to race this weekend, I have been warned about popping open the injury and that's not something I want to risk at this moment in time. So I will be out there drinking beer and yelling words of encouragement and jeers. It looks like it will be a fine day in the park .....

"Shaka bra"

Picking guys off.....


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