Sunday, June 22, 2008

More like--monkey roast..

No... Lake Sonoma.

This picture best describes the last few days including the mtb race @ Lake Sonoma. We have been in the grips of a heat wave that was pretty impressive until today when nature's AC (fog) came back and cooled things back down.

ON Friday night I could not sleep at all, maybe 3.5 hrs. Getting up to go to the race on Sat morning I was in a pretty crappy mood. Geoff picked me up and we got there pretty fast. Once we reg'ed it was apparent the temps were already climbing over 80 and it was only a little after 8am! Oh going to be a hot one.

I did one sighting lap and tried not to cook myself, anywhere. 1 lap about 32 min. Not to bad...

I got a terrible start from the back of the group but by the time I was at the top before the dirt turnoff I was in around 5th and lead SS. I was a bit surprised I got such a good start and despite the heat thought I might have an ok race.

While on Geoff's wheel, barreling down the trail I hit a big root and burped almost all the air from my rear tire! I stepped aside and watched as guys flew past. Game over.

Just as well I guess anyway. Riders were dropping out left and right. Geoff did 2? laps and pulled out. I talked to this kid Cody who said "he pulled over in the shade" and "just threw up his raisin bran" felt bad for him, not an easy day for anyone.

When I got home I called Dan and we planned to meet @ 2pm and do Paradise. It was still hot but I need to get in some intensity and we ended up doing sprint workouts. It was good and I felt stronger sprinting than anytime so far this year.

I put in another 3 hours toady with the team which included many hard efforts (flats/ climbs) and my legs are sufficiently shattered. This weekend I set broke 2 PR times one a climb and other flat out speed test (not a sprint). I'm stronger, no doubt. Now its time to rest up and pre-pair for the CCCX Final.

1 Km T: 00:58 sec/ 56 kph--new PR

1 sec less, = about 2k faster avg speed and @ 489 avg PW.. Sweet.

Mr. Powerfiles out....


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