Monday, March 26, 2007

Dancing with the devil in the pale moon light

Race #1 Elite 3/4
Field 100 place- 8th
Teammates: Raymond, Cullen, Scott

I was looking forward to this race. The course was a swoopey one with only 2 real straights. I lined up on the front with the boys and we're off. I had only 10 min warm up and for whatever reason my stomach was not feeling good and I was a little nauseous, so I thought hey I'll just ride the first 3 laps in the small ring and pick it up later in the race when I feel better. Well I didn't really feel better the whole race so I tried to play spoiler and block for Ray when he was up the road. At one point I had a few Cycle sports guys and myself blocking pretty well but guys caught on and started chasing and the break fell apart. Raymond was on fire and looked good. I managed to get into decent position for the last lap and sprinted but felt weak. Ended up with 8th. So for feeling nothing short of sick, and riding practically the whole race in the small ring, 8th was OK with me. I rode around in a daze wondering why I felt so crappy and hoped it would pass for the 2/3 race.

Race #2 Elite 2/3
Field pretty full maybe 80? If I read the results correctly I was 22nd for the 3's result and 44th maybe? for the combined.
Teammates: Raymond, Scott

I was still feeling bad and I rode a few laps before lining up. I was looking forward to testing myself against most of the faster 2's that I know ride in the area and that I will see in next weeks Ronde. Pulling up to the line I was slotted in behind Ray and next to Scott. We had to sit there for something like 10+ min. before starting off. Good thing too cuz while there, the shitty haze I was in vanished. Figure that? We take off and I thought well maybe it might work out after all. After a few laps I somehow ended up on the front pulling for a whole lap, opps, that was not planned but these are the things you sometimes have to just suck up and do. For the remainder of the race it was going well. Ray and I seemed to be able to stay together pretty well and shuffled through the top spots often despite the now hurricane force head/ cross wind down the front straight!

On the bell lap I had managed to move myself up into a good position and still felt fresh and ready to go. Past turn one, after the finish line and 2 guys touch and go down in front of me. I had time to see it but I had to do a "stop and go" then full sprint to catch back on to the now fleeting front group. I managed to get back to the group but finished on the back.

Ouch... I was a little disappointed. I wanted to post a good result in this race. Raymond got stuck even worse than me and probably would have been right there as he looked strong as well. Given the circumstances It was good. stayed off the pavement and rode well within the race. I have to say this race was no harder than any Masters 1/2/3 race I have done and in some ways a little easier. Another double race weekend complete and now I look towards the Ronde next week.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Chad for some encouragement on the sidelines...

I'll try to post pic's when I find em!


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