Saturday, September 15, 2007

Motorpacing rocks


Tim, my new teammate, has offered to MP the CX team and I took him up on his offer this morning. He has a bit of experience with this and I looked forward to getting a solid workout. It took me about 35 min's to get down to Woodside where Tim, Nate and I met up at 7:30.

We get the low down on rotation and such then we're off up Canada Rd. What a blast. We ripped up and down 4 times for a total of an hour workout. Pace was in the 25-29 mph range. Never done the Mp before so I don't know if that's fast or not having nothing to compare it to but it felt good. I'm hoping to hit it once a week for the remainder of the season. On the last run, we almost caught the Sat ride leaving Canada and 92(?) heading back towards Woodside. We had blown by in the other direction before we were approaching our turn around.

Fun stuff.....

I registered for my first CX Nationals and managed to get the 1st pre-reg spot in my age group and 40th in the Elite race. Big motivation to meditate on this morning for sure.... Tim and Jesse are signed up as well. Nate is probley going to sign up too. I'm going down to Ritchey to pick up my frame sets/ groups/ etc.... Boy it's starting to feel like the real deal.
Big fun.

I saw this pic today from the Giro and it sums up my Elite 3 race pretty well. This was the most negative race I have ever been in ie: nobody wanted to race. After attacking the group at least 3 times to get a break going to no avail and spending more than a whole lap off the front. I mentally took myself out of the race and finished mid-pack. My form was better in the second race and with Cross coming fast the last thing I wanted was to hit the deck.


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