Saturday, June 28, 2008

Release of expectations....

Today, I rode in the Headlands and it was super foggy. It's one of those days when you can't see even a 100 meters up the trail. Beside just enjoying the lack of scenery due to the fog it did provide a great filter for all the smoke from the wild fires that have been raging for the last week here in Cali....

I chose to not ride the last few days and stay out of the smokey haze. So.. needless to say, the ride, while what I really needed--was not to much fun. Of course, the espresso break was good and gave me a minute to reflect on the CCCX race on Sunday.

For the series, It's a dead heat for 1st place between Cesar and Mark. The best I can do is finish 3rd--even if I win. I'm going into this race with no expectations. The last 2 weeks training has been solid and anything can happen. I will give 100% and do what I can to win the day. But when it's all said and done, I can't be disappointed by my results thus far. Both of these guys are strong competitors and I have been close racing with them, in my first season in the Pro/Expert SS class.

While I have more mtb races to do this season, I'll be happy to finish the CCCX series. its been challenging and a lot of hard work.

Here's to great day of racing!!!

My new favorite place for a coffee stop in sausalito....


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