Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One gear and some dirt

Top of Bobcat trail.
I haven't rode the single speed in weeks. I jumped on the bike after work and did a 2 hr. Headlands loop. It was cool and foggy. For whatever reason I feel like the SS is a reset button. I had a great ride and although the climb up Bobcat was really tough it felt good. I have a couple of timed climbs on this ride and I was within a few sec. of both PR times... sweet.
Once over the top I had to stop and take a pic. The fog had retreated back to the ridge just behind me and the dusk lighting with the blanket of fog was a sight to see. The pic doesn't do it justice....
Sweet Panoramic shot with Mt Tam.
Not bad for a camera phone.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Surfs up!

2007 Surf City Halloween Bash

Location: Soquel High School
Teammates: Keith
Place: 16th

First off I have to say I really liked the course. Good job Vanderhoot and Co.

Going into the weekend I tried to do what I could to bounce back from a few weeks of lackluster placings. A good week of training and lots of attention to detail on the equipment had me feeling a lot better and on the right track.

I carpooled down to the race with Mack. We were quite early and got some sandwiches. Don't get to hang out with Mack to much and was nice to shoot the bull..... The weather at 12:00 was already feeling like 70+ and rising- another hot one for sure. I made my way over to the Team tent and gathered myself together. Jesse was taking a "buy" week to rest up and Tim unfortunately pinched a nerve or something loading his bike in the morning. It was just going to be Keith and I for the Elite race. Cody and Nate raced in the B's race. I also got to see Josh and Cullen. Both with some serious dirt on there face and signs of things to come :(

Did I mention it was hot?
Team Headquarters

I tried to sneak in a pee right before the A's call up and paid the price. I was lucky to get into the 4th row. Bang were off and mayhem ensues. I fought to move up best I could but the first bottle neck really stretched things out. I focused on finding my rhythm, riding through guys, and racing the course.

Two laps into it my stomach started to ache a little and I cursed myself for that Redbull I had with lunch, a little to close to the race. I had to take it a bit easy and it slowly went away. Once over that I picked the pace up and stared to catch and pass riders. About 40 min runoff the clock and I was getting REAL thirsty. Did I mention it was hot! I have been shunning the water feeds for most of the season this far but today was a necessity. I rode past the guys and yelped " need water" Cody came to my rescue and did a great job of H2O from there on out. Thanks bro!!

Fun off-camber bumpy grass sectionDoesn't look like it, but it was a bit of a dust bowl out there at times...

In the end, I was chasing Nick from R.lobster with Aaron (also R.lobstr) chasing me after flatting early in the race I think? Anyway Aaron got passed me onto the last lap and I tried to hang on but I was feeling a bit cooked. I managed to stay within 9 sec and finished 16th.

I had a pretty good race after a terrible start. the run-ups were good to me and on the bumpy fast turns I felt confidant and fast. A much better result than the last few weeks. I think things are turned around and will improve in the next few weeks. Hopefully for Pilarcitos, probably better for CCCX tho...

We'll see....

Big up to Jesse, Tim, Keith, Cody, and Nate for showing up, the support is great. Again, thanks Cody for the water! Keith--good to race with you.

Nice to see a few Fusion boys (Josh and Cullen) out there. Josh, change your brakes already huh? ;) both looked to have had good time...

HR 171 avg/ 181 Max * Time 1:00:49

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mobile pic test

Scott CX bike

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Better Horizons...

City by the Bay............

What a fantastic night tonight, it was so nice I left a wee bit early from work and shot out to do a Headlands loop. After the major debacle from the last 2 weekends of racing, it was nice to just be out riding, feeling good, and getting some kick ass weather to enjoy. I ran this morning for 30 min before work and decided that if I could break my PR time this afternoon up the Headlands, all the crap that's been happening lately is just that... crap.

Done deal... All uphill/ 2.9 km/ 9:09 min/ avg Pwr 321/ Hr 162 (8 sec. faster than previous and on my CX bike). At least I know my fitness is there I just need some things to come together, blah, blah ,blah......

Race Report Short List:

Pilarcitos Rd #2:

Not to good for me. I rolled a portion of my tubie before the biggest run up, stopped, popped it back on, and made to our pit-area and changed bikes. I then proceeded to drop my chain once a lap for the next 3 laps. It's past half-distance and I get lock-up cramps again in the left leg..

Yesterday I pulled off the tubies to re-glue. This was the section that rolled on Sundays race. Turns out the front had a small section as well that needed some attention too. At least I didn't scrub from the ordeal....

Even with 4+ coats of glue

Although not happy and got the DNF. Fuk....

Over all tho, a solid showing for the Scott/ Ritchey team. Keith went down south to Fresno and racked up a "W". Jesse did well to finish 7th and stay there for the overall. Tim moved into 17th and Nate and Cody rode strong in the B's as well. With my DNF, I tumbled down from 13th to 29th in the BASP standings...... Ugh

BASP # 2 "The stick"
L to R: Cody, Nate, Tim, Jesse, Nick

After a decent few early season results, I feel like I have hit a bit of a rough spot here in the last 2 weeks. The rest of the team has been steadily improving and it's great to see. I think once we hit the real meat of the season things will be going better for everyone. New teams have a "break in period" in any sport and ours is no exception. Given that... it been pretty good and can only get better.
I look forward to it.
Surf City!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Super Prestige #1

Photo by: Steve Woo

Bay Area Super Prestige race #1
Teammates: Jesse and Tim
13th place/ 43+ starters

Well the 2007 feels like it is truly under way. The venue in Brisbane was pretty cool. I liked the crazy bowl section and the BMX jump. The triple barrier/ hill run up was challenging and fun.

The race went ok for me. I got a good start and avoided a few mishaps in the first half on the lap. The down side was I was so busy saying hi to people beforehand, I ended up with a 20 min warm up, maybe 3 laps. Um... ya. I usually need at least 45 min before I am feeling good to go. This left me in a good positon after the first lap but I had to recover and fell back a few spots. At this moment Jesse passed me and I tried to follow but couldn't.

A few min later things cleared out and I started to wind the pace up. For the first time ever, I used some tubulars (Vittora CX on Ritchey Protocal's) and with the field spread out with some running room, I started to get into a groove.


The tires were hooking up really well, tubulars for CX rule. I was pretty lucky cuz lots of people flatted tubies, including Jesse... 4 BAR= $$

I chased and battled my way back. I had Cody to chase and Jeremy to stay away from. In the end I gambled on taking it to the sprint with Cody one-on-one style... I mis-calculated the back marker variable and on the bumpy run to the finish, got held up a split second and was separated.... enough for 3 sec. Jesse ended up 10th, a fine place and a call-up for round two. Tim, on his first CX ride of the year and on a new bike, finished a bit down but will be flying in no time. . It turned into a fine race and a great day for the team.

Battling it out with Cody and Jeremy

Great to see Steve and the Acclerade booth at the race. Hanging out with new teammates and saying hi to friends is a great way to spend the afternoon. I think it going to be a great season for Cyclocross in Nor Cal. This is only my 3rd year (2nd in the A's) but it seems like there are more riders going quite fast, in lots of categories. Hooray for cross!

On the gas.....

We should have the new Scott/ Ritchey kits for this weekend. I believe the whole squad will be there (CCCX) and it should be a good time. I am going for the double with the NCNCA Cup #2 on Sunday in Sac. Ouch... that's a lot of driving but I have Monday off.... Ha!
We'll see how that turns out....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

NCNCA Cup Race #1

The official results are finally up and I got 18th place. I felt pretty good before hand and know I could have done better. But after hitting the ground hard within the first lap, I would say not to bad.... I finished.

The real battle was with myself to pick myself up off the ground and solder on. With my shifter bent in and crappy shifting from that.... I had to also contend with a seat that pushed back 100% and bent saddle rails. With 5 laps to go I almost pulled out of the race. I had to go to work right after and I started thinking bailing home early to clean up for work would be the thing to do.

Hell no.... I dug deep and did what I could. I am a firm believer that what does not kill you makes you stronger and the mental toughness clinic I was engaged in, is something you either relish or despise.


I did this race last year and we had 18? riders. This year 38 riders w/ only 29 finishers. This is, in my opinion, a terrible course. Super bumpy, narrow, and the worst finish area possible. Oh well.

Coming up this Sunday is the Pilarcitos opener in Brisbane, it going to be a slugfest. I pre-rode the course and it should be a fun time. And yes..... it has a nice, wide road start/ finish. Ya!